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Startupbootcamp E-commerce Demoday 2017: Rating 10 pitches

20-jan-2017 10:26:01

Great feedback and review from @Startupjuncture... SchedJoules and clevergig leading the pack during Startupbootcamp Demo Day

Clevergig – Michel Pilet (founder & CEO)

Clevergig is a marketplace for gigs. The gig economy is real, and will only get bigger in the future. Pilet told their startup pivoted to a SaaS model for businesses as well, letting them manage their flexible workforce. A great solution, because as a B2C startup you’re more dependant on the supply/demand dilemma. Great quote from the pitch: “We’re young enough to understand millennials, but old enough to know how to start a business.”

StartupJuncture pitch rating: 4


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