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Accenture releases report on Future Workforce Trends

The future of work has already arrived, and digital leaders are fundamentally reinventing their workforces. Driven by a surge of on-demand labor platforms and online work management solutions, legacy models and hierarchies are being dissolved and replaced with talent marketplaces. The on-demand enterprise will deliver the rapid innovation and organizational changes companies need to transform themselves into truly digital businesses.

‘Data-analytics biedt kans voor flexbedrijven’

HR digitaliseert en er komt een hausse aan uitbesteding van HR-diensten. En dat biedt kansen voor flexbedrijven. ‘Uitzendbureaus die gebruik maken van data analytics om harde cijfers over flexkrachten te leveren voorzien in een behoefte.’

Can You Earn a Real Living From Gig Jobs?

People often conflate the “on-demand economy” and the “gig economy.” Before answering this question, I think it’s important to clarify the difference (at least from my vantage point). On-demand platforms are able to offer their customers a great experience in part because the labor on their platforms is undifferentiated, such that there is no need to “pick” the provider that’s right for you. You simply tell them what you want — be it a ride or a delivery — and they dispatch the nearest available worker.

5 Roles That Will Power 21st Century Human Resources Departments

A 21st century company has to be employee-centric in order to stay relevant and push the boundaries of industry. After all, it’s great people that make a great company.

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How The Internet Of Things Will Impact HR

Who would have thought that an Internet of things would be so important for the human resources department? And yet here we are. 10 billion devices give us 24/7 access to anybody and anything. Changing the way we live and work while being only in first gear. Analysts expect between 50 and 200 billion connected devices in 2020.

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Why Simplicity Is The Next Big Thing In HR And Business

I just completed an 8 week world tour meeting with clients, giving speeches, and talking with HR and business leaders about Deloitte's Global Human Capital Trends research. The meetings and feedback have been amazing, and I wanted to share some details as well as one big thing I think we all need to think about.

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Build a Great Company Culture with Help from Technology

Culture, and how to build and sustain one, is one of the toughest challenges for managers, especially in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive organizations. Every organization wants to create a culture that works from a set of core values, where everybody is on the same page about what’s important, where the company is going, and how it’s going to get there. But what happens when the external competitive environment — and the direction of the company — changes? And what happens as advances in technology constantly change how customers and employees expect to interact with your company? How do you manage the evolution of your company’s culture, and hold on to what makes you great, even as you change and grow?

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Why People Management is Replacing Talent Management

The Epic Shift: Away from “Talent” and now focus on “People.” Talent scarcity is still a problem, but engagement, empowerment, and environment are now the real issues companies face.

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Welcome To The New Era Of Human Resource

It is believed that the first human resources department was established by The National Cash Register Company in 1901 following a bitter strike. Then referred to as "personnel," the new department’s role was largely compliance-based, and focused on record keeping, workplace safety, wage management, and employee grievances.

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9 Great Resources for Human Resources Professionals

If you are a human resources manager, then you probably have a lot of work on your plate. If you find yourself in need of a second opinion, advice on a touchy subject, a community of other HR professionals to chat with, or simply the latest news in your industry, then be sure to check out the following HR and personnel management resources.

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The employee-centric evolution of HR software

You may have heard the term “consumerization of IT” to describe how enterprise software decisions are moving beyond the purview of the chief information officer to the division leader and/or end user. I believe that we are now seeing a similar trend in human resources software. Forward-thinking employers are giving employees the tools to influence and take responsibility for a variety of HR functions, while entrepreneurs are leveraging the cloud to build great products to accelerate this shift.

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How To Use Design Thinking In Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

In most human resource and people departments, when we set strategy, we typically look at historical and backward facing data. This information, while important, doesn't give us the entire picture of how current employees will act in the future and it certainly doesn't give us an idea of what new employees will want.  Most of our decisions or bets are risky and are made based on intuition and instinct, instead of evidence.  

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What Matters More to Your Workforce than Money

Economists have long argued that money doesn’t buy happiness. But compensation is still a major factor for us when we’re considering where to work. What do we know about how more pay influences employees’ motivations?

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The HR Department of 2020: 6 Bold Predictions

The human resources department is doomed. There is no viable future for the HR function, and HR professionals will inevitably be replaced by software. At least that’s what some are saying.

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What Are the 20 Most Important Types of HR Technology?

Human resources technology refers to all of the software used to track, manage, pay, understand, find, inform, remember and deliver benefits to the people in an organization. As you might guess, the more people in the operation, the more complicated the HR software. For example, larger organizations have people problems that are unimaginable in small businesses.

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How generation Z is redefining the role of the HR leader

The aspirations of a new wave of employees are impacting HR strategies and pushing organisations to clarify and redefine their purpose.

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Wages have fallen 43% for Millennials. No wonder they’ve lost hope

It’s time to sound the alarm bells on prospects for the Millennial Generation in three of the world’s most important advanced economies.

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HR used to be last in the technology line, but their role in the digital transformation framework puts them at the forefront of the technology evaluation process.

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Boomerang Boom: More Firms Tapping the Skills of the Recently Retired

CALL them boomerang retirees: people who exit gracefully after their career at a company, then return shortly afterward to work there part time.

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